Monday, December 13, 2010

Things are begining to happen!

Just a quick update...on vacation in California now. Sounds like we picked a great week to go. Ohio is very cold and snowy right now..

This morning (hello, 5:00am pacific time!) Our agency called. About a placement. Already. It was for a 6 and 7 year old and possibly baby sister. Up for adoption...uggg....we were warned this would be hard. Just not ready and to be honest, they are a little older than we hoped...We were warned about the guilt we would feel, and all I have to say is they were right! I wish we could say yes. It just didn't feel "right".

The other thing is...and this has been weighing heavy on my heart, we have a friend of the family situation. My MIL's best friend's son (follow that?)is most likely the father of a baby boy born in late September that is still in a local hospital--born early and possibly + for drugs. The mother is having her parental rights removed due to drug addiction, and a paternity test for determining if he's the father is in the works. I have heard 3rd hand that the family wants us to adopt this little guy. I am beyond excited, by my hands are so tied...have to wait it out. The family knows how we feel and how much we would love to adopt. It really would be a great situation for the family. Grandparents and father can be active in his life. Anyway, big prayers going out to this babe "L".

We are making progress on our continued therapeutic foster classes. They are definitely very interesting and eye opening!


  1. Wow, things are beginning to happen, girl! Praying re: baby L!

  2. I will keep you and baby L in my prayers! HUGS