Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Not much going on now...

Let's see...had fire inspection today and passed...almost all (read--STACKS!!) paperwork is in...home study in one week!
We were reminded last week that our agency is therapeutic foster care. Which means an extra 60 hours of class here in, more classes so we can be "good" parents . Keeping that positive attitude:)
Being a therapeutic home is really not that much different, I am told. All foster kids are considered "special needs" (I mean, gee they were taken from their home!) it's more of a way our agency sets itself apart from the county department of children services. It's just going to set our time line back a month or two is the only bummer part.

Our summer and fall will be VERY busy with getting these classes in (and Buckeye games!). Our social workers keep insisting we'll have kids in our home before we've even quite finished our last class...we will see! Our director told us she thought of us the other day when they had a call for a 10 month old boy...that is frustrating, but exciting at the same time...

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