Friday, June 11, 2010


I don't really know what my expectations were of the first preservice foster care class, but the information and the reality is mind boggling!
To start, we could be approved and have a child IN OUR HOME in 60 to 90! So this is really going to be happening?! So not like the fertility treatment world of wait wait and wait and then wait nine months...if your lucky! My mind is absolutely racing in what to buy and what to wait on. I want to go garage selling and get some basics as far as clothing, books, toys, baby gate!
The other reality of this is I'm going to have to leave my job...soon! While we can "survive" without my income, losing the security of the padded bank account will be daunting to say the least! May look into a Saturday job...OH, and nothing like asking your boss for a referral AND quitting in the same month! (have to use her because I work with children)
We are struggling with the whole race issue again (still?), I think we'll (okay, B) need to talk with social worker about this. I understand B grew up in a small rural town and just doesn't have the exposure to AA children, but I just KNOW there is more there than he's willing to talk to me about. I know I can't force him to change his mind, BUT I'm sure he will end up falling in love with any child we are placed with and will quickly learn to not care what people you can see, we have some work to do in this area...
Anyway, application will be in Thursday! I left overwhelmed but uber excited. B left with feeling more overwhelmed (he's also the money miser in the family)


  1. Hang in there its worth it. As far as the race issue you and hubby must be on the same page about this. If you are not it will be very difficult. I myself can love any child no mater what the race but hubby had a hard time with us being able to take AA children. We do accept biracial but we do not take AA children. This is just something that we agreed upon as a family and it seems to work. The baby we are adopting from foster care is bi racial. We do not know if his dad is AA hispanic or what. He is dark skinned but very blond straight hair. He is beautiful by the way. Ha Ha.

  2. Well, silly us thought that we would just foster and had no plans to adopt. We were willing to foster any children. After our two were in our home for 3 years their race was not an issue. DH has said that if you had asked him 10 years ago if he would adopt AA children he would have said no. Well, love has changed that.