Friday, May 14, 2010


Pre-service foster care classes start in 4 weeks! Hope to start home study very soon after first class. Already been approved by my boss for time off (that was fun...)

*Those of you who've been through a home study, what can I do now that will speed up the process later? We already have our marriage and birth certificates on hand. We will be going garage sale shopping this summer for crib, car seats, baby gates maybe few toys and books. Need to get a fire extinguisher (or two?). I'm waiting on forms before making doctors appointments for physicals. Thanks to our cat that can open cabinet doors, our house is somewhat baby proofed:)

Wanna know a secret?? I can't wait BUT I'm scared to be a SAHM (stay at home mom) with foster kids! I hope I'm good at it and am happy because I feel like I've waited my whole life for this. Trying not to let the dream over run reality...I know these kids will come with issues and parents to work/deal with, but I'm up for the challenge! (...I think)


  1. So exciting!! Do you have your background checks done? These take the longest. The fingerprints take forever to come back I think you might be able to print the form offline and find the nearest place that does them:) That way you don't have to wait forever. We got a free crib and toddler bed from crigslist and they are actually really nice. I wouldn't stress to much about the home inspection they are really pretty relaxed. I think I was cleaning for days and the case worker was here for all of 20 mins peaked in each room and it was over. Good luck! I am super excited for you guys!! I am sure you will be an awesome SHAM!

  2. Thanks Maura! I'll have to print off the background check at work tomorrow, thanks for the tips! I love Craig's list, I should have thought of that. The only thing that makes me just a little nervous with the home study is my DH has ADD and will start talking and never stop (no filter!) especially when he's nervous;)

  3. The home study is easy! I was cleaning for weeks, and the inspection only last mins! Lock up all medication and cleaning supplies. Have you fire evacuation plan posted (we keep ours on the fridge) Our licensed was based on the number of beds, and dresses we had together at the time of our home study. Good luck!

    P.s my hubby has ADD too!