Friday, April 30, 2010

Getting peaks of the big picture

Things are starting to fall into place. Admittedly, not as fast as I would like.

For one, the pre-service training we are taking isn't until July/August. Due to my 2 evenings/week work schedule, we are having to do the all day Saturday only classes and those are hard to come by, but this works. Would have loved to have found a week long (jam it all in) kind of session but this will do.

Speaking of pre-service, it took me a month into my research to learn that not all foster/adoption classes are created equal and one must first begin with the pre-service classes. Dumb, I know but I just thought I could take any classes that are offered through the county. Consider this my first PSA: start with pre-service:)

All in all everyone I (eventually) talked to has been most helpful and honest. We are truly hoping for a preschooler or younger and we are prepared to wait...

Upcoming post: Trans-racial adoption. I checked out a couple of books at the library on the subject. (while in waiting, might as well read up!)

Thanks for the early suport of my few but mightly readers:)

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