Monday, May 19, 2014

Oh My!! It's been 2 1/2 YEARS!!

I was just talking to some friends about Blogging and mentioned I had a blog that has been neglected. After some pushing;) I am going to give an update. Crazy over due!!

First, the wonderful news!! Rory Faith is our forever daughter!! TPR took place in January 2011 and adoption was in May 2011.
Rory is a very affectionate and lovable toddler. Unfortunately due to the amount of brain damage she sustained (from her stroke at 7 weeks old),  she is significantly developmentally delayed and has Cerebral Palsy. She is our little miracle child, though! She took her first steps at 23 months old and has been go go go ever since! She is globally delayed and functions at a 18 month old level now (she's 3 years 3 months old). She is in special needs preschool 3 mornings per week now. She loves it and will go 4 mornings in the Fall.

Second, the cute little siblings in my last entry returned to their parents after 10 months and 10 days with us (returned August 2012) There isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of, worry about and miss them!

We took a 4 month break after they left and enjoyed some much needed Rory time.
Then we got a call for "Tex" His case sounded like a quick return. His 4 other siblings were not in care at the time, family wanted to ake him. In true foster care fashion, 17 months later....he's still here!

Long story, but things started moving towards TPR even though there was still a possibility for out of state kin to step in. We were encouraged to take Tex's then 3 year old brother. After much thought and prayer, we took a leap of Faith and "Austin" joined us in December. We heard bad things about his behavior from his former foster mom...we were unsure about taking an "older" child...we didn't want to take him JUST to keep Tex. BEST DECISION WE'VE EVER MADE!! He's such a good kid!!

So then in February, out of state kin's paper work went through and they started visits. We were CRUSHED! But in April we heard they changed their minds about taking them! Now we are waiting on TPR next month and hoping no more family comes out of the woodwork! 

In the mean time, we are just enjoying our family:) 

I PROMISE to be better about posting!!

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