Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why us?

So once again, we have false hope and yet more delay...I am hoping by the fact that I'm updating my blog, TOMORROW we will have more news!

Okay, so a week ago last Friday we were told we will be licensed last Monday (10/25) YIPPEE!! And then....NOTHING! So last Wednesday (10/27) I called and I got"...ummm, yeah....I'll send out the info on classes in the mail right now" (these are classes to continue our therapeutic foster license) so I patiently waited...well it's yet another week later and STILL nothing and I don't even know if we have our foster license yet! I keep being called "anxious" when I talk to them so evidently I'm ticking them off(?)

ANYONE in Fostering have this??? I'm getting sick of the bureaucracy and we haven't even started yet!! We started our PRIDE classes in June and were told we would be licensed in 60 days if we work really hard getting our stuff in! We were VERY aggressive in getting in our info!!

Add to the fact that I've had large quantities of face*book friends make the lovely pregnancy announcements (including my cousin and B's cousin!)...I'm ready to throw in the towel and start researching domestic infant adoption...this is so hard for two reasons: 1) we've already spent $30,000 on fertility treatments and to add that again for each adoption is just crazy!! Sorry kids you can't go to Harvard, we spent that much trying to GET YOU...kidding... and 2) I have nightmares of a pregnant teen changing her mind at the last minute...literally, this is my WORST NIGHTMARE!!!

On to other news in my life...I've decided to put on my big girl panties and host Christmas this year...as an infertile, Christmas just sucks for me...no other way around it. Picturing little ones stockings hanging on the fire place, cookies out for Santa....etc...the whole shebang....just makes me tear up thinking about it!!! Will we EVER have that??? Anyway, Christmas is gonna be fun regardless this year (Dang it!) I am thinking "ugly Christmas sweater" theme...

Oh, also I signed B and I up for another Half Marathon in May!! Once again, this is so I can have short term goals...something I feel like I CAN CONTROL and have good feelings about (why yes, I am type A personality;)

AND we are going on vacation to Palm Springs, California in December:)
So I guess things are happening in my life, just not the one thing I want more than anything....


  1. I"m so so sorry.....the part after classes and house inspection SUCKED HARD...I have no other words to describe that horrible wait...then our state got into budget cuts....ugh...I'm sorry! I *think* this seems to be the case everywhere, not that your family specifically is targeted if that brings any consolation.

  2. I'm so sorry for the delays. Hang in there it will happen :0)

  3. Hang in there. God knows the timing of it all. Clear back in 1996 we were all but done with our paperwork when the state said we needed to be fingerprinted...say what?? How long would that take? But in the mean time our adoption agency called and told us about our to be son. So our baby had to stay in a wonderful foster home until our fingerprints were done! It was a very hard 3 week wait! But such a miracle! Keep your chin up! You are very close! It's really about God placing the right child with you! Trust Him! Hugs!

  4. No one ever told us we were licensed and 2 weeks later we got the call about our son. The waiting sucks! But in the end its all worth it:) I am sure you will have a little one in your arms soon and totally forget all of the waiting. Your family will be in my thoughts:)