Tuesday, August 3, 2010


We had our 1st homestudy and it was...a piece of cake. I LOVE our social worker! She has been battling infertility even longer than we have, so she knows our journey well. (incidentally, she said she couldn't do foster to adopt herself--wow, umm... ok?! She said it would be too hard to get attached to a little one and then get reunited with birth family...gee great news for us huh?)
Her tour of our house was like 2 minutes max and that was because I WANTED to show her stuff!

The rest of the time was spent at the kitchen table "interviewing" us. Easy, casual questions so far...she said the next session will go deeper (ie: hardest thing we've dealt with in our marriage...without a doubt, INFERTILITY! next question!)
We have 2 more classes the next two Saturdays (passive restraint and CPR) finish our home study then a week later for paperwork filing with the state, we will be official! She said we could have a child(ren?!) in our home by the end of the month...THIS month!! YEAH!!!!

I also told my boss that "the end is near"...lol:) and my days of work are numbered. She was really pretty good about it. My "replacement" is her niece that just graduated hygiene school, so I can work right up until we get our first placement. B is trying to scrape all the pennies out of me working that he can, so he is happy I don't have a quit date set in stone. I really do love my little Scrooge, he keeps me in line;)

Thanks everyone for your words of support and encouragement!!! I'm sure some of you vets to foster care are seeing my thoughts and entries as "look how green and gullible she is...she has no idea what's about to happen"...you are RIGHT and I can't wait!!!!


  1. so excited for you guys that everything is progressing. Excited to follow your journey

  2. I am so glad that the homestudy went well. I loved our homestudy worker as well...he was so amazing. I hope you get a great first placement!

  3. YAY for Progress! The licensing process for Foster care is generally pretty easy, it is just time consuming and lot of wait.wait.wait.wait...GO! LOL.
    Foster care is a ride that has it's up and downs but I LOVE IT! Good luck!